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Books by Rev. Jerry Crow

Below you will find links to helpful books written and published by our founder, Rev. Jerry Crow.


These books have been provided to everyone through Amazon and have proven to be beneficial to the reader.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them available to you!

Simply click on the picture below to find out more about each book and to order or read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Journaling Through Prayer Book Cover
Journaling Through Prayer: A Helpful Guide to a Deeper Prayer Life

This all-new book is a twelve-week prayer journal. Each day of the week has a couple of different specific things for you to focus your prayers upon.

While it is available in digital format, and you can use a notebook to fill in the journal, the print version actually has lines on the page so you can fill in the blanks, then use that page as a guide in your prayers.

This is not a fill-in-the-blank prayer book. It is a guide to help you when you are praying.

Journaling Through the Scriptures Book Cover
Journaling Through the Scriptures: A Bible Study Method

Currently our best seller, this book shows our preferred method for studying the Bible. 

This method has been simplified for use by anyone of any age.

A Catechism for the Church Book Cover
A Catechism for the Church

This book is a modern language version of the classic Westminster Shorter Catechism, although taken from a believer's baptism point of view when it comes to the issue of baptism, and includes the verses of Scripture for each answer. This is done so you and your family can come together and work through the catechism and search the Scriptures to see that the truth is being taught and learned.

The Sermon on the Mount Book Cover
The Sermon on the Mount: Practical Lessons From Jesus

Taken from the Sermon on the Mount podcast series from Ancient Words, this book takes a deep dive into the words that Jesus speaks to His listeners on that day all those centuries ago.

Imagine the smell of the sea, the mountain air, the people gathering around to hear, and open the pages to see what Jesus wanted everyone to hear and learn as we walk through one of the most well-known sermons of all time.

Introduction to Preaching Book Cover
Introduction to Preaching: Preparing an Expository Sermon

In his classic work, Preachers & Preaching, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote, “To me the work of preaching is the highest, and the greatest, and the most gracious calling, glorious calling to which anyone can ever be called.”

John Wycliffe wrote, “The highest service that men may attain to on Earth is to preach the Word of God.”

In this book I endeavor to give preachers and teachers of the Word of God an overview of sermon preparation, from Scripture selection to sermon delivery. Whether you are just starting on your journey as a preacher, or have been in the pulpit for years, it is my hope that everyone will learn something from this book.

It is time for true preachers of the Word to speak up!

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